Bittrex has insured digital assets held in its cold (or offline) storage to up to $300 million, the highest coverage yet offered by a cryptocurrency exchange.

The company announced the news Thursday, saying it has obtained digital asset insurance that will protect users’ holdings in cases of “external theft and internal collusion.”

Ripple announces Xumm-based XRP banking app

At XRPL Labs, we (Ali, Tristan and I) will work really hard to build some awesome stuff for the XRPL ledger / ecosystem. At first, we’ll start by ourselves (of course taking community input into account).

ZCore provides new details about its cryptocurrency payment platform

ZCore was born out of a desire to create a cryptocurrency that is truly accessible to everyone and revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. We believe that a truly useful currency is one that is easily used by anyone.

Significant financial bets in the form of Ethereum (ETH)

Over Million USD Bets Placed on Ethereum Reaching USD 600 by March 2020.

As of pixel time (12:21 PM UTC), ETH is trading at about USD 176, up 2.6% in a day and 4.7% over the past 7 days. Bitcoin (BTC), meanwhile, is up 7% over the past 7 days, and is up by 2.7% in the past 24 hours.

EU can’t decide what to do with Libra

Governments around the world are facing hard choices when it comes to cryptocurrency, overregulate it and risk losing the benefits to the economy, or do nothing and make themselves vulnerable to those who step up. Currently, the European Union can’t figure out what to do about Libra, the digital currency set to be released by Facebook in 2020.

Sweden Is testing new central Bank Digital Crato Currency

The use of banknotes and coins is declining in society. At the same time, technological advances with regard to electronic money and payment methods are proceeding rapidly. The Riksbank sees potential problems with the marginalisation of cash and has therefore initiated a pilot project to develop a proposal for a technical solution for Swedish kronor in electronic form, an e-krona. No decisions have yet been taken on issuing an e-krona.

Binance Trading Platform Introduce Staking Rewards.

Binance cryptocurrency trading platform of major crypto exchange Binance, will introduce staking rewards in February 2020. According to an announcement published by Binance.US on Jan. 29, staking rewards will be made available for Algorand (ALGO) and COSMOS (ATOM) starting next month.

Cardano Inches Toward Smart Contract Implementation with New Paper.

Cardano (ADA) revealed a new paper on 27 Jan. in which the firm details how smart contracts will be implemented in the upcoming Goguen update. Though the system is unique, its release date is still uncertain in light of Cardano’s history of delays.

Litecoin uptrend powerful, bull flag formed over downtrend’s corpse.

Altcoins are breaking out, and Litecoin (LTC) as one of the major alts is leading the pack with what looks like a major break of its long downtrend. The MTF has a burning uptrend, while the LTF chart still looks bullish even after several surges.